10 Tips for Getting Back into your Pre-Pregnancy Jeans in the First Month

With Cami just over 1 month old, I wanted to share with you my post-partum recovery journey. The main point to note for a swift recovery is that getting back in shape doesn’t start post-partum. You need to take care of your body during your pregnancy and beyond. Here are my top tips for getting back in your pre-pregnancy jeans within 1 month.

1. Keep in good shape throughout your pregnancy.

a. I put on 25lbs during my pregnancy. You are advised to put on between 25lbs and 35lbs during your pregnancy. Remember you only need an extra 300-350 calories per day in your second trimester, and just 500 extra calories per day in your third trimester.
b. Stay active as much as possible, but, don’t overdo it. I worked out throughout my pregnancy, until till 34 weeks.
c. To 16 weeks, I carried out my exercise routine as normal. 3 times a week, yoga, gentle circuits and hiking for 1.5 hours once or twice a week.
d. From week 20 onwards, I focused on only hiking and yoga, the hiking reduced to an hour once a week.
e. From 28 weeks, I reduced my hiking distance, and introduced gentle PureBarre classes, great for preparing you for labor.

2. Don’t go crazy with food.

Absolutely indulge yourself, give into those cravings. But also exercise common sense when you are pregnant. You’re ultimately feeding your baby, so a diet which consists 24/7 of crisps, burger and cake isn’t good. Try to eat healthily 70% of the time. Don’t use pregnancy as a free pass to be eating bars and bars of chocolate all day every day!

3. Use a belly wrap post partum.

I used the Belly Bandit Belly wrap, from day 3 following labor. The Belly Bandit wrap helps shrink your uterus and encourages your ab muscles to recover more quickly. The belly wrap be used with vaginal birth and C-section, and also offers your back much needed support due to your weakened ab muscles. I also found the belly wrap was great, as it smoothed your silhouette, giving you a much needed confidence boost post partum. No mummy tummy!

4. Breastfeed if you can.

It burns up to 500 extra calories a day. Be careful though, I regularly found myself in the first week shoving chocolate, cake, anything sugary in my face as I hadn’t planned out snack and meals well. While your pregnant try plan high calorie healthy snacks you can grab on the go. I made my own trail mix with dried fruit and nuts and left around the house, that way if I began to feel ravenous I could snack on this instead of chocolate. Try to get family and friends to bring healthy food with them when they visit.

5. Get outside with the stroller.

Aim to go for 1 walk a day with baby for 30 minutes to an hour. Be gentle, go slowly, and gently pick up the pace!

6. Self-Care isn’t Selfish.

Get family/ husband to look after the baby for an hour and pamper yourself. This is important! Rest, take a hot shower or bath if you are permitted. Skin brush to flush out toxins, help tone your skin and flush retained water. Use a face mask, buy a gel/ iced eye mask – perfect for soothing tired eyes

7. Drink plenty of water.

To keep yourself hydrated. This stops you confusing thirst with hunger.

8. Establish a routine with baby

As soon as you can, you’ll thank yourself for this later. Hard at first, it will enable you to make time for yourself, where you can rest during the day and make healthy snacks.

9. Eat breakfast.

After our morning feed, I always make sure I have a healthy breakfast. Make a superfood oatmeal porridge ready in less than 5 mins, make some scrabbled eggs or avocado on wholemeal toast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

10. Exercise you can do.

During the six weeks post partum, when you feel up to it, you can start stretching, doing kegals, cat-cow yoga poses, and abdominal braces.

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