15 baby shower gift ideas

Unique and useful gift ideas for someone who’s pregnant / Baby shower gift ideas

I wish I could re-do the baby shower I planned for my best friend a few years ago. We had a great time, but now I’ve been through the early stage of motherhood myself I know I could improve my grade. I’m a geek like that.

The key objective is for the mum-to-be to have a fantastic time, and let’s face it, get some great presents that she needs to help her on her way to becoming a mummy.

Here are some ideas for unique baby shower gifts which, now I’ve had a baby, I would have loved to have received, and for those that are looking for something that will really be memorable for the mum–to–be, we think these are pretty special. We thought it would be useful to post this before Christmas, in case you were looking for seasonal gift ideas too!

15 Gift ideas for someone who’s pregnant /
Baby shower gift ideas

1. Her favourite skin care, wrapped up in this cute wash bag . Dr. Hauschka Skincare is a great choice for expecting mummies – read Charlotte’s review of their best products here.

2. A ”First cold” pack for baby – include baby Olbas oil, saline nose drops, easy breathing plug in vaporiser, Nuk nasal decongester, Calpol and Ibuprofen for under 3 months and a Dentinox medicine dummy dispenser.
3. Bespoke artwork for her nursery – has a beautiful range.
4. A beautifully designed baby blanket like this one from From Babies with Love

5. A calming massage oil for baby – I use this one from Neal’s Yard which is just fab and smells divine.

6. A baby ’preening bag’ for her nappy drawer – include a baby hair brush, nail clippers, E45 cream, Metanium nappy rash ointment, baby bath gel, Vaseline, Sudacrem, shampoo and a sponge.
7. A gift card for her local delicious frozen food deli such as COOK or somewhere she’ll be able to get to easily – so she can have fuss-free, healthy dinners for those first couple of weeks at home.
8. A gift card for her local, baby-friendly coffee shop – she will love having somewhere to chill out on maternity leave away from the house.
9. A manicure voucher for her local salon accompanied by a baby-sitting voucher so she can actually use it!
10. A baby and child first aid course (I went on one with the British Red Cross, but look for one that is held near to the mum to be)
11. A stylish nappy changing pack for out and about. I use this one by JoJo Maman Bébé every day with Ethan – I love it as its just the right size and it still looks as good as new!

12. My favourite post-pregnancy “wore everyday post pregnancy” leggings (as mentioned in my Things I wish I knew about life post caesarean post)
13. A Clevermama Clevascoop – this amazing invention makes measuring formula SO much easier!

14. A buggy clip by My Buggy Buddy – this will mean she can attach some shopping bags to the pram and free up her hands…for more shopping, or maybe a latte?

15. Soft, stretchy nursing pyjamas, which are easy to get on and off for her in hospital – choose something she wont be embarrassed to open the front door in, can open easily to breastfeed if needed and can were whilst pregnant and afterwards like these by Joules at Next.

If you’re planning a baby shower, don’t forget to check out our post on Charlotte’s Perfect Baby Shower here!

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