3 Tips for Surviving with a Newborn!

3 Top Tips for Surviving
the First Months with a Baby

Hi folks! It’s been a while. 5 months in fact.

Jenna has done a sterling job of holding the fort. I’ve been getting used to my new life as a mama.

Being a new parent is ruddy amazing. I’m so blessed to have a gorgeous cuddly cute bundle of love, who smiles adoringly and thinks my dancing is the funniest in the world.

Being a new parent is also ruddy hard! Hello levels of tiredness you never thought possible, hormones all over the shop, sore nipples, inability to form sentences… don’t get me started on the rest of it! 😉

In this post I wanted to share with you my top tips for making it through the first 5 months, including some pearls of wisdom passed to me!

1. Colic & Gas! This too shall pass

Our little munchkin cried a lot.
She suffered from trapped gas.
I combined fed her, and so was constantly worried about what I was eating.

After a month or so of troubleshooting, we found:

– Her digestive system was simply getting used to the world.
– I followed an elimination diet, cut dairy, certain veg, beans etc, and she still had gas. It wasn’t what I was eating.
– We tried Lactose friendly formula when supplementing, which made no difference.
– Tommee Tippee bottles didn’t agree with her even though they were anti-colic. We switched to Mam, and they made a world of difference.

At around 3 months, her digestive issues just settled down. I now believe it was just her getting used to the world.

2. Follow a Routine – But Don’t Stress if your Routine Slips a Little

I was obsessed with following the Gina Ford method. It’s worked so well for our family- leaving us with a happy baby, and happy parents, who get stuff done!

In our household, if we were unsure of what we were doing, we consulted the book! “What does Gina say?” was a common phrase in the first weeks!

The routines while are strict (to the extent she tells you when to eat etc) were so helpful in the first few weeks of complete shell shock.

Establishing a routine early on has been amazing for baby, and for us as a family.

I have been working part-time; the way her naps are structured means I have time to do laundry, cook, so household jobs at lunchtime and run my business. In an evening I have some time with my husband.

The baby at times is like a swiss clock, I know when she is tired, when she is hungry, what time she’ll go down for a nap…. It really works for us.

But remember, babies are babies – not robots. Relax, and don’t be disheartened if they go of routine every now and again. Stick with it.

3. Over-tiredness and FOMO

Camille is a nosy parker!

She doesn’t nod of to sleep when she’s tired, like some babies. Her eyes get wider and wider, and if you’re not careful “the crazy” happens!

I’ve learnt to not let her stay awake too long- 2 hours maximum, and then settle for a nap.

I discovered at about 8 weeks, she needs pitch black to stop her eyes darting around and fall asleep. After rocking her to sleep in the pitch black bathroom (the only room we have with no window) I found that the Gro Anywhere blind is a great, cheap solution for creating darkness during the middle of the day. A cure for her FOMO (fear of missing out!)

If we are out and about and it’s nap time, we use the Snooze Shade. Both products have literally been lifesavers!

4- 5 months

Now we’ve hit 5 months, Camille’s sleeping is much better. We’ve gone from 2-3 night feeds to around 1. The little pumpkin is keeping us on our toes, she is absolutely amazing. We’re super excited for what the next months will bring.


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