5 easy steps to cut your baby’s / boy’s hair

Want an easy method to cut your baby’s hair – that doesn’t involve a torturous trip to the hairdresser?
If you’re anything like me, you’re time poor – the thought of having to fit anything more into our family schedule than we already do makes me begin to perspire slightly. So, this post is all about what I’ve learned from cutting my little one’s hair and the simple tricks I’ve learned from my hairdresser to cut your baby’s hair easily and conveniently at home.

How to cut your baby’s (or boy’s) hair
5 easy steps

1. Get some decent (yet low cost) scissors and a comb I got this set and have found it really easy to use – plus, the case comes in handy to tidy sharp points away from little hands. The set includes texturing thinning scissors too, which I’ve used to thin out certain areas of hair that were looking too thick.

2. Wet the hair – we usually cut hair in the bath before shampooing it. The cut hair simply falls into the water and will drain away afterward.
3. Pull the hair up into numerous ‘spikes’ as shown in the pictures below. Simply grab tufts of the hair and twist them into these spikes roughly 90 degrees from the sur-face of the head. It most easy to do this step and step 4 in sections – e.g. top of the head, back of the head, then each side.

Spike on the top of the head

3 spikes at the back of the scalp

4. Simply trim the top of the spikes – it doesn’t matter what angle you to this at.

5. Comb the hair through whilst still wet and check that each section looks an even length – if a section looks long, grab this one up into a spike as before and trim further. Then simply dry off with a towel!

How to cut your baby’s (or boy’s) hair
What I’ve learned

A lot of people avoid cutting their babies’ hair when they want it to grow long – but remember, trimming hair prevents it becoming split, thin and ratty.

Essentially, I’ve found Ethan’s looks thicker and healthier with the ends of the hair trimmed, so don’t be afraid to get snipping at home!

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