How to organise a diaper/ nappy drawer

Organising your nappy drawer

If there’s one thing in ourhouse that’s always in order, its our nappy drawer. Everything else can be chaos, but for many reasons, this place needs to stay stocked, tidy and easy to use.

I learnt from many blurry-eyed, night-time nappy changes that making your nappy drawer work for you saves you frustration and time.

Here’s how I make my nappy drawer work for me:

• I use drawer dividers, shoe boxes and wash bags to create compartments.
• What I use most is at the front of the drawer so I don’t have to open the drawer fully each time I need those things quickly– wipes, nappies and nappy bags.
• Items I use less, like spare medicine and his ear thermometer, are at the back.
• I also put the most often used items nearer the edge where I stand to avoid overstretching. This might sound silly, but after my c-section when I was feeling weak this did help AND now that Ethan is older and I only have one hand (as the other is stopping him from rolling off the matt!) this is pretty important.
• I always decant the nappies, cotton wool and nappy sacks from their packaging so that it’s as easy as possible to grab and go.
• Because we go away quite a bit, I keep essential items like nail clippers, Metatium, Sudacream and teething granules in a “ready to go in a hurry” wash bag – I use a washable, fabric one which I can sides roll down on for when it’s in the drawer.
• Importantly, I have somewhere next to where I stand to place a dirty nappy. This is important as you won’t be able to leave them unattended to walk away to a nappy bin and as they get a little bigger, you don’t want to risk them rolling over into a dirty nappy either!

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Have an idea?

We hope these pointers help you organise your nursery space to make it work for you. Let us know your hints below.

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