WEANING – The truth… and what you actually need

I remember before I began to wean Ethan, I went for a coffee with a friend who recommended an-all-in-one “plastic overall” for him when I began to give him puree. I thought, silently, this seemed ridiculous and over-dramatic. How naïve I was.

WEANING – Where to start

Ethan is now 18 months and eats three meals a day – in some sort of orderly fashion.
When I began weaning, I started this blog post to share my experience. To ensure you don’t feel like you’ve gone crazy, here’s a chronological account of what happened to me one day between 2 and 5pm:

A dose of reality – a 3 hour “weaning” chronological from a real mama

• Washed, peeled and chopped carrots.
• Steamed them.
• Liquidised them.
• Washed the steamer, liquidiser, freezer storage pots and Ethan’s plastic spoon to feed the puree to him with.
• Placed small portion in a bowl and the remainder in freezer storage pots.
• Got Ethan in the high chair with bib on and began to serve him the puree.
• Ethan blew raspberries with the food in his mouth and knocked the spoon from my hand several times – getting the puree all over his face, including up his nose, in his eyebrows and eyelashes, on his bib, his hands, his t-shirt and dun-garees, the high chair table, seat and straps, the floor, my seat, my clothes, my face, my hair
• A small bit went in his mouth.
• Cleaned him with 7 baby wipes.
• Cleaned the high chair with 3 Dettol wipes.
• Changed his clothes as they were covered in food, did his poo-filled nappy at the same. He weed on the floor and changing matt, so I cleaned that.
• Considered just throwing the offending bib and clothes away.
• Realised that was wasteful so soaked the bib in warm soapy water as it was too saturated with carrot to go in the washing basket and put stain remover on the dirty clothes and put them in the wash.
• Washed the bowl I served the puree in.
• Ethan threw up on the new clothes so cleaned these with another wipe.
• We read a book – he threw up again on me, the carpet and the sofa – so cleaned those too.
• Noticed he still had carrot in his nails and cuticles so cleaned them.
• Felt disheartened and frustrated.
• Felt excited that we were starting a new chapter in his development.
• Searched online for weaning advice.
• Thought about what new type of food we could try next.
• Went to the shop to buy a cauliflower and avocado

In conclusion, let’s just confess – it can be a slow, painful process at the start which sometimes, feels unrewarding – but we know, it’s all about the long game – the physiological aspect of your little one actually taking any food (even a spoonful) is the main focus. Don’t be worried if your weaning journey doesn’t look like what you see in the media…

It’s probably going to look more like this…

Starting WEANING – What you’ll need to make life easier

Here are some useful products I found through my weaning exploration which I thought you’d find useful for this new stage:

• Lots of small plastic bowls
• Lots of spoons with long handles – Munchkin’s are my favourites
• A small cool bag for when you need to take food out and about
• Small pots for storing and transporting left overs – please ensure that their lids close firmly – as bits of food spilling in your nappy bag when you’re out and about is NOT ideal
• My all-time best buy since having a child – high cost but worth every penny for the amount of hoovering you need to do when crumbs get EVERYWHERE – a cordless vacuum cleaner. I love my Dyson one and use it every day!
• If you want to experiment with puree food, you’ll need a liquidizer
Ikea have the best bibs and low cost high chair I’ve found – you really don’t need an expensive ones – I promise!

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