Braided Up-Do in 6 Easy Steps

This hair style – in 6 easy steps!

1. Part your hair in the centre
2. Plait two pigtails on each side of your head and tie at each end with a small elastic bobble (the smaller the better to prevent them being seen; I use clear ones whenever possible)
3. Loosen the plaits slightly to give this hairstyle an effortless look
4. Take one plait and place it over the top of your head and pin in place with 2 Kirby grips.
5. Repeat the same on the other side- ensure the end of the first plait is covered up by the second and when pinning this second plait in place, do it behind the base of the first plait.
6. Pull a few strands of hair our around your face and neck to give the style a relaxed feel and voilà!

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