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With my newly balayaged brunette hair, I wanted to play around with my makeup and create a look which complimented darker tones for brunette ladies.

Below I have set out my favourite products, and tips for achieving this natural brunette look. This makeup is perfect for daywear as it’s not too heavy. If you want to take it through to the evening, simply add more eyeshadow, and a flick of liner and you’re ready for post work drinks/ dinner/ date-night in no time.

As Jenna said in our last tutorial, great makeup begins with great nutrition and skincare. I use Dr Hauschka and swear by it for reducing fine-lines and wrinkles and achieving that sought after “glow.”

To begin I applied DoubleWear Light using a Beauty Blender- Beauty Blenders are great, as they achieve a flawless finish without you needing to be any good at blending using a brush.

I’ve used this product since I was 15! My mum used to use the DoubleWear (non light) variety, and I used to steal that (sorry mum!). DoubleWear has incredible staying power, but is a touch too heavy for my liking. This is perfect middle ground.

I’ve never come across any other make-up that stays put like DoubleWear. This product isn’t ever sliding off by lunch.

Over the years I’ve cheated on it, sampling really high end Chanel, Armani, Dior foundations; right through to cheaper Maybelline and L’Oreal foundations. None of them cut it, in the way DoubleWear does! Note to self. Don’t cheat, you’re wasting your money! Save it, and spend on what you know to be good!


Another classic, which lasts for ever! I used BrowZings by Benefit, to fill in the gaps in my eyebrows, and add a bit of depth. I don’t like to go too crazy, or it can become unnatural. When working on my brows, my goal is to enhance what is naturally there. Always try to keep to your natural shade- rather than following “trends” and going too dark. I also double my Brow Zings as a natural liner, which I’ll come to in the next steps.


This is a great product for using when you are in a rush, and want to tame your brows or look a little more polished. I use this solo when I am dashing out to run errands and want to look pulled together, but I also double this up applying after using Brow Zings when I am aiming to achieve a more polished make-up look.

The wand is designed so you can sweep, or use the tip for working on the start of your eyebrow. Again, select the colour closest to your natural brow.


Next up, I recently bought this amazing palette by Maybelline. The colours all have a rose gold hew to them, and compliment one another splendidly!

This palette is very similar to an Urban Decay one I once had, at a fraction of the price. The quality is excellent. It stays put, and doesn’t slide off during the day.

I use the dusky rose as a base, and then sweep around my eye-creases using the darker brown gold colour. I then blend, giving a natural effect.

I then line my eyes, along the lashes with the dark brown in my Brow Zings kit. This creates a natural effect, opening the eye and enhancing your lashes. I avoid using a black liner, as it sometimes can look too “put together”. I like to reserve it for evening wear mainly!


A classic bronzer with no redish tones! I applied this to just below my cheekbones, to achieve a contoured look. I brush around my forehead and dust on my nose. Think about where the sun naturally hits your skin.

Because Hoola has no red tones, I’ve often used this as a great natural eyeshadow base.


I adore this classic blush! From Bourjois Paris, I pick this up in England every time I’m home. They don’t seem to have this brand in the US for some reason, if you can pick up on Amazon, I’d strongly recommend.

Again, I’ve used this product, since I very started experimenting with makeup. It has gorgeous application, and is a “drug store brand” meaning it is extremely well priced.

I dust on to the apples of my cheeks for a natural glow.


I love highlighter. It enables you to maintain a youthful dewy glow, even when your skin is feeling anything but!

I used to swear by Bobbie Brown Shimmer brick in bronze, however after having my last two smash, when only used for a couple of weeks, I kind of got frustrated and looked for a “cheaper version.”

I love the natural tones of this product. I highlight my cheekbones, brows, and tip of my nose to reflect the light! I find that this really wakes up my skin giving a youthful effect….Which is what we want hey ladies!!


A friend introduced me to Bite recently! Its a Canadian brand, formulated without any:

– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

This pencil in Honey Berry is incredibly moisturising, doesn’t go gloopy or slide, and has a really intense colour.


Finally, I slick on my mascara in black. I like to apply this last, so no powder will land on my lashes, reducing the impact of the black! Again a classic, it thickens and lengthens your lashes well, stays on all day and doesn’t smudge.

Again, I’ve cheated on this product many a time, but always come back due to it’s quality.


What's your top beauty buy?

Comment below with your top recommendations- from high end to drug store buys! We want to hear from you!

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