How to get healthy and glowing skin

For years I’ve tried different skincare routines and products, like many of us, spending a fortune in the process. I learnt many lessons along the way, such as – be gentle with your eyes, no matter how many glasses you’ve had, take off all your make up and cleanse before bed, keep your face protected from the sun and finally, don’t “save” your best products “for best” – use them!

I’d always really aimed for skin confidence without make-up, and as everyone knows for this you need clear, blemish free skin. Of course diet is a key factor – eating the right, nutrient rich foods, avoiding nasties like smoking and alcohol (ahh, if only prosecco was good for you, I would look SO good), but another factor is simply your skin product choices.

Stripped Organic Skincare Range

A few months ago I was introduced to Stripped Skincare by a close friend. These products have made such a difference to my skin and quite frankly, since using them, I’ve felt like I’ve had my own relaxing spa treatment each night – so it’s not just my skin that’s benefitted, but my mind too.

Made in the UK, with 100% natural and powerful oils – each product is formulated without any chemicals, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. The ingredients of each product and how to use them are on their website – and what a refreshing change it is to actually understand what’s going into a product that I’m using on one of my most important organs – my skin! The ingredients lists are impressive and include things like Sea Buckthorn Oil to regenerates cells, Frankincense Essential Oil to tone skin tissue and Kiwi Seed Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Products that work for your skin

The first product I tried was the Spearmint & Lemon Bamboo Exfoliator. The smell of this is like the freshest, yet soft and invigorating spearmint you can imagine – but its more than that – because it’s organically handmade, it’s not like all the chemical, synthetic smells most of us are used to. It’s 100% organic and made with ingredients such as avocado, apricot kernel, grape seed and rosehip oils. The exfoliating element comes from fine, natural bamboo powder – smoother and less callous than the salts of grains found in many high street products and chosen for its naturally high mineral and silica content.

The result? Dead skin cells that can build up and cause dry skin, spots and blemishes are gently buffed away and skin feels like new.

I followed this with the Rosehip & Mandarin Moisturiser. In the past I’ve been nervous about putting oil on my face in case it blocked my pores, but this is so light that it didn’t leave any oily residue. A small bit goes a really long way and its scent is absolutely DEVINE. It’s made with a host of antioxidant, vitamin-rich oils including evening primrose, which has great skin cell renewal qualities. This moisturiser really delivers on its promise to balance the skin, leaving it smooth, healthy and glowing.

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