The empowered lip – how to do dark lipstick

There’s a new contender for our favourite lip colour this season (watch out matt red!). The latest runways of Dior, Louis Vitton and Marc Jacobs all showed off beautiful and surprisingly flattering deep plum shades for this season.
Not only does this shade suit more skin tones that you might think – it also helps your teeth look super white!

Dark Lipstick Make up tutorial

Unleash your most intense lips yet this autumn / winter with inky, almost black lips – here’s our dark lipstick tutorial to show you how:

Our top tips for perfect lips

• Onto dry lips, sparingly apply a balm to ensure lips stay nourished throughout the day – our favourite is Stripped Skincare’s Peppermint lip balm.

• Apply lip liner across the entire lip – this is a must to help stain the lips – and avoid it rubbing off in the centre. As dark colours can make lips appear smaller, use the lip liner to overdraw your lip edge, so that your lips look as full as possible. Take your time with this!

• The best and most versatile lip liner we’re found is Mac Night Moth Lip pencil.

• Apply lip colour, Rimmel Blackberry Fool, Rimmel Plum Sensation are lovely deep shades. Our favourite is Mac Violetta – this has lovely colour hues with a hint of blue, but don’t be scared, it really works!

• You can mix up these colours too depending on what depth of colour you want.

• Don’t forget to blot and apply again – I usually do this around three times to ensure the lips are really stained – it means you can drink your coffee without worrying too much!

• Perfect dark lips are complimented well with a “less is more” approach on the eyes, so keep them simple, otherwise the look becomes too ‘over done’.

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