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Baby Rave review

The last time I was given a black stamp on my hand entering a rave was quite some time ago. I’m sure, whenever it was, I didn’t imagine that the next time I’d have one, I’d have my own 6 month old baby in tow. Always up for trying something different, and let’s face it, up for getting my baby to wear neon, I was intrigued when I heard about BOOMCHIKKABOOM’s baby rave parties.

Their aim is to offer a fresh, unique approach to having fun with children, toddlers and babies. Having danced for half an hour to the like of Beyoncé and Tina Turner with my baby at the rave they put on at Duke Studios in Leeds, I have to say, they are delivering against this objective!

So, what’s a baby rave like?

There was a party atmosphere from the minute we walked into the baby rave venue with some of my other friends; we were handed a glow stick and ushered into the event space. Soft matts on the floor allowed little ones to roll around, and everyone faced the stage area which was framed with graphic art of legends David Bowie and Prince. The session started at 1pm and kicked off with some singing rhymes, interjected with some obligatory (and rather amusing) “rave” references.

Soon, the stimulation really stepped up a notch with colourful pom poms, instruments, topped off with a live rendition of “I will survive”. There was a fun-loving and friendly vibe and little Ethan was massively stimulated by the lights and sounds. The session closed around 3pm with a huge bubble display, a foam blower and even more dancing.

A practical tip – I’d really recommend using a sling if you have one – I used my BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier – it certainly made it easier for me to have a dance!

Leaving the venue and going back into daylight was a strange feeling, it was as if my friends and I had discovered some secret party where #coolmumsclub could get their party shoes on – guilt-free. It was great to find a unique, fun thing to do with my baby and to get so much stimulation for him too – here’s hoping cutting a rug with mummy remains something he wants to do for a long time!

Find out more about BOOMCHIKKABOOM’s events here

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