Day Out in California: Monterey Aquarium

The Best Day Out in Northern California

Monterey Aquarium
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940

Recently we headed down the 101 to Monterey for the day to check out the world famous Monterey Aquarium. The weather down there in the fall is just perfect. No ocean mist and grey-ness like you get in the summer months.

We’ve visited the San Francisco Zoo, and plenty of other similar style places and the Monterey Aquarium is hands down the most exciting, interactive experience for babies 6+ months and upwards.

In fact, we love it so much, we are going to become season ticket holders next year.

At around $49 per person admission, babies are free, it is pricey, however we’d say, worth every penny!

The ability to get so close to the glass, and see the different fish; it’s mesmerizing to babies we took our daughter at 6 months and then around 11 months. It was magical!

Get there for 10.30am and head straight to the Deep Sea Feed exhibition and be prepared to be blown away. On the hour at 11am the feeding begins. You are seated on the floor next to a huge “movie screen size” glass tank, schools of fish dart up and begin to feed. The range of fish, squid, sharks is outstanding. The cafe at the aquarium serves delicious food, but, why not bring a picnic and head down to one of the picnic areas on the 17 mile drive for a really exceptional afternoon, or lunch and a Bloody Mary, at Spanish Bay.

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