9 ways to look like a pro in a Spinning class

What is a Spinning?

Spinning is a high intensity cycling class which burns fat and delivers a full body work out.

Here’s how to look like a pro, even if you’re a total newbie

1. Bring a bottle of water – this is a high intensity workout so you need to replenish fluids.
2. Wear Lycra pants and a sleeveless top – you’ll be pedalling at speed so you don’t want any material causing friction against your skin. You’ll also be sweating a lot so sleeveless tops are my recommendation!
3. Listen to the instructor – when you’re told to point your toes or chest down, or push your bum back, each instruction is encouraging you to use different muscles in your body, so listen to what the instructor is saying to avoid simply using the same muscles for the entire class (and exhausting them).
4. Listen to the music – Part of the appeal of Spinning is its high energy atmosphere –music plays a key role in this. Music is selected for the speed of its base or beat as more often than not you will be pedalling in time with it – as the beat picks up or a chorus kicks in, its likely the instructor will ask you to increase the intensity of the workout.
5. Leave your phone in the locker room – give yourself the opportunity to focus on the exercise without distraction and use your breaks to breath and relax instead of checking social media.
6. Bring a towel – if you’re not breaking a sweat, you’re probably doing it wrong.
7. Keep your top half as stable as you can – this engages your muscles more effectively and helps increase the work out on your core.
8. Bike positioning – your saddle should be at hip height and when you hit the bottom of your pedal stroke, there should only be around a 5 degree bend in your leg.
9. Clip in your shoes with the pedal straps on the bike – this helps your leg muscles to pull your leg up with each pedal stroke – working your legs more effectively.

Who has tried spinning?

And loved it? What's your favourite cardio workout?

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