Oxygen Freejumping Review

We’ve been itching to write this post, primarily because we get excited about mixing up our fitness regimes and secondly, we always want to share good things with good people – particularly you, our lovely Lifestyle is Calling readers!

Are you tired of the same old gym routine?

Let’s be honest, trampoline parks are probably not even on your radar – am I right? But, if you’re looking for a refreshingly fun way to get fit, an alternative to the same old gym session, or an unusual new hobby… read on.

Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Parks

Oxygen Freejumping have recently opened a park in Kirkstall, Leeds. I attended it to try out their evening fitness classes. After the first session I wasn’t only aching from the workout, but craving to try more.

Overall, the concept is really well thought out – the centre itself is a large, clean, bright space with a lively, friendly and unintimidating atmosphere. There are convenient lockers in the airy entrance hallway and even a family friendly café upstairs. The fitness instructors are all professionally qualified personal trainers and there’s a whole host of different fitness classes on offer (call your local park to find out more about the specific classes available in your park).

I’d thought that the fitness classes and the ‘freejump’ sessions would be it, but they also offer “Little O’s” sessions for children under 5 years of age, where they can explore the trampolines, a huge airbag, games courts and foam pits.
In addition for the little ones, you can host a party for them here where you receive an hour of freejumping, plus an hour in an exclusive party room with food and drinks. Little Ethan is a little too young for these yet but as soon as he’s old enough I can’t wait to take him!

My experience – Fitness classes at Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park, Leeds

My first class was on the assault course – a video of someone (much fitter, and much quicker than me) doing the course can be found here. The session was led by a qualified personal trainer, who knew exactly how to make me work to my maximum capacity. In fact, I left the session feeling annoyed I didn’t get further on the monkey bars as he really made me want to push myself harder.

For me, this was the perfect type of fitness class – firstly, it’s a whole body work out and is as high intensity as you want it to be and secondly, I had so much fun doing it, it didn’t even feel like work!

My second class was a cardio session on the trampolines. During a session like this one you can burn up to 1000 calories, so perfect for anyone looking to lose weight as well as tone up. To an upbeat soundtrack, I loved trying out a mixture of tuck jumps and star jumps as well as more traditional burpees, mountain climbers and stomach crunches on the trampoline. What I loved about this class was the feeling of liberation and fun whilst actually working really hard. Whilst from a distance I may have looked like a kid jumping up and down after eating too much Haribo, but if you saw me up close you’d have seen I was pushing myself through sweat-inducing (and smile-inducing) fitness session.

Thinking about trying Fitness classes at Oxygen Freejumping?

As a fitness lover – importantly, not some crazy fanatic, I promise- I do probably have a skewed perspective on what I believe is fun. For me, finding something new that helps me create an integrative training approach (which is recommended for overall fitness, weight loss and toning) and combines various types of exercise – strength training, cardio, core training, agility, etc, is fun. I also find it more effective to frequently change workouts to avoid muscle stagnation, and keep my mind engaged.

For many, signing up to classes like these may seem daunting or even intimidating, but I promise, you won’t regret trying. No one wants to look silly falling on their backside, or have their wobbly bits seen to wobble a bit more, but the truth is NOONE IS LOOKING AT YOU as they are too busy having fun themselves.

Find out more about your local park here. Plus! Don’t forget to check out our other fitness posts such as 20 ways to get fit with a baby and 9 ways to look like a pro in a spinning class!

Let us know what you think!

Have you got a favourite way to mix up your fitness routine?

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