What supplements should I take?

Choosing supplements when pregnant

I like to begin my day with a healthy breakfast, a workout, (it might be a walk, jog, a barre class, Pilates) plus my daily vitamins.

As a paleo health blogger for the past 6 years, I have been incredibly interested in nutrition, and the importance and effect of ingredients ingested into our bodies.

For a while now, I’ve supplemented to ensure I’m not missing out on any vital nutrients. Supplementing has make me less sick, less prone to illness and more energetic.

Since becoming pregnant, now is more important than ever to ensure my baby receives the best nutrition.

I like to use a trusted brand like PurePharma for my supplementation. (This is not a sponsored post.)

I’ve used PurePharma products for a couple of years now, I was first introduced to the brand via my Crossfit box in the UK and know that they are one of the cleanest, purest supplement brands on the market.

I love their PurePharma 3which includes magnesium, vitamin D and zinc, and omega 3. All of which my doc tells me are fantastic supplements from a nutritional perspective for my baby. One of the reasons I love their PurePharma 3 product is it comes in these handy sachets, perfect for traveling, or just keeping a few in your handbag.

What Supplements I Take During Pregnancy


WHAT THEY SAY: Omega-3s reduce inflammation and maintain the health of your heart, brain and eyes.

If you’re not eating fatty fish once or twice a week, taking a daily omega-3 supplement might be a good idea.

Certain types of fish are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids (specifically DHA and EPA), which experts believe are important for your baby’s brain and eye development. Cold-water fish – also referred to as fatty fish – contain the highest amounts of omega-3s.

M3 ESSENTIAL MINERALS- Magnesium and Zinc

WHAT THEY SAY: Our unique blend of minerals works to reduce muscle fatigue and improve work capacity.

When you’re pregnant, magnesium helps build and repair your body’s tissues. A severe deficiency during pregnancy may lead to preeclampsia, poor fetal growth, and even infant mortality. Magnesium and calcium work in combination: Magnesium relaxes muscles, while calcium stimulates muscles to contract. Another major reason why people supplement with magnesium is to relieve constipation. Magnesium has a laxative effect because it draws water into the stools, making them softer and easier to pass.


WHAT THEY SAY: Vitamin D3 maintains strong bones, supports your immune system and boosts your mood.

My blood work, carried out at 9 weeks showed a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D helps to regulate the levels of calcium and phosphate in your body. You need calcium and phosphate to keep your bones and teeth healthy.

Not having enough vitamin D when you are pregnant or breastfeeding may prevent your baby from getting enough calcium and phosphate. This can cause him to develop weak teeth and bones, and in rare cases, develop rickets.

Synbyotic SB3

WHAT THEY SAY: Synbiotics SB3 is the ideal blend of probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C to keep you in perfect balance so you can perform to your highest potential.

  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Maintains immune system
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  • Having healthy gut flora is a must during pregnancy. A good probiotic can help keep you regular, and really assist if you’re struggling with ever so common sluggishness, as a result of increased progesterone.

    According to my research, (I read plenty of health food blogs, listen to healthy podcasts, and read the work of nutritionists- including expert nutritionist Chris Kresser, who wrote the Healthy Baby Code ) probiotics are a “must” in pregnancy and have multiple benefits for both mother and child.
    Benefits include:

  • Reducing the child’s risk for allergies, asthma, and eczema.
  • Preeclampsia
  • Post partum depression,
  • Lose postpartum weight much faster.
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