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Styling your nursery can be such an exciting activity during pregnancy, but it can be hard to plan a room when you’ve little idea how life will work around your new little bundle.

That’s’ why we’ve pulled together the best hints and tips on how to organise and style your nursery – not just so it looks amazing and you enjoy spending time there, but so that its truly functional for life with your new baby.

5 real mamas show us their nurseries and tell us their best advice and favourite bits


Mama- to-be, Charlotte says, picking a subject theme for your nursery is an important first start for styling – examples of themes might be broad, like – safari, farm animals, woodland, seaside, fairground, travel.

Alternatively, you might focus on one animal or object to be the focus, such as elephants, foxes, boats, carousels, aeroplanes.

Finally, you may solely want to take a colour palate and focus your attention on this.

Then, find one image, or set of images from which you will take the inspiration for the whole room. For me it was these muted coloured safari animal prints – from this I knew I wanted the rest of the room to be made up of natural, soft colours tones and textures which I brought to life further by a safari themed mobile.

“A friend gifted me this unicorn at my baby shower, and we did manage to make it fit with the safari theme, by using similar colour palate. My husband jokes, that our little one will think unicorns are real… They are aren’t they!?”

Modifying the room from a guest room, we retained the the comfy double adult bed – I love all the different textured cushions and think it will be a welcoming, relaxing space for baby and I in a few weeks’ time!

Keep things simple and give yourself the ability to evolve the room with time by picking a neutral colour palate for the walls to which you can add, and replace key accessories to dramatically change the feel of the room.


Laura, mummy to Laurie says “We used books and teddies to make focal points on Laurie’s wall. We have a small nursery so this as worked really well to save valuable floor space too.”


Storage is SO important in your nursery – you’ll have clothes to store quickly as they grow out of them so fast, spare nappies, extra bedding, blankets, big toys, travel equipment – the list goes on.

Think about storage options wherever you can – under bed and cot boxes that roll out easily, footstools, ottomans and use tops of wardrobes. Use shoe boxes inside drawers – compartments help the space to be used more effectively.

Inside wardrobes, insert storage boxes and baskets and add shelf hanging space as you’ll have much more folded clothing rather than hung on hangers.

Also, make sure you’ve got somewhere you can literally throw toys into when its tidy up time – you won’t have the patience to be neatly tidying them!

Organising the room

Jenna, mummy to Ethan says, “Its worked well for me to lay out furniture to allow as much floor space as possible as we use it as a playroom sometimes – hence the bed being against the wall rather than in the middle of the room. Be mindful of where your cot is in the room– you don’t want it next to a radiator or next to a window with a draft in winter.

I strongly advise having a comfy chair in the room for late night feeds – ideally with a small table next to it so you have somewhere to put things like the bottle, your phone etc.

We use our door hooks every day to dry his towel after the bath, and store his jackets.

In terms of decor, I tried to spread out the accent colours of red, orange, grey and white against the dominant colours of teal and navy blue, using a piece of artwork on the feature wall to help it all hang together.

My favourite bit of the room is the stag horn chandelier – it finishes off the woodland them with an elegant and grown up twist I think!”

How to Personalise your child’s nursery

You can be really inventive making your nursery personalised

1. Use wooden blocks or large letters to spell out their name
Frame their initials made up of buttons! Or try using scrabble letters
Frame pictures of you and your family on the walls – you could even use your family tree
2. Add a door sign on their room door with their name on. The one shown below is handmade from beautiful maple wood, by Mon Petit Pois.
3. Frame their first baby booties or rattle
4. Showcase their handprints or footprints on a ceramic plate

Styling a Gender Neutral nursery

Kate, mummy to Margot says, “We didn’t want a typical pink nursery for our little lady – we used a clean and simple, soft grey backdrop for some framed bold art pieces and quirky post cards.

Most of them are black and white as we knew monochrome is stimulating for babies.

We balanced the angular structure of the cot, artwork and furniture with softer elements and textures like a deep pile rug, wicker baskets, soft toys and felt cloud bunting.

My favourite part of her room is the corner where the steel letters spell out her name on the wall – they make a real statement!”


Laura, mummy to Ted says “We chose a grey and yellow theme as we wanted a neutral pallet in case our next baby is a different sex!

A stylish feature for the room is the artwork we displayed in simple white frames around the corner above Ted’s cot.

He loves looking up and the pictures and they were inexpensive, as we printed them at home after buying them on Etsy.”

Top Practical tips to take into account when creating a nursery!

1. Choose fabrics and flooring that won’t stain easily
2. If possible, fit your main light with a dimmer switch so you have some low lighting to signal bed time
3. Avoid stand up lamps and having electrical wires on show that could be pulled down when they are crawling
4. Children’s books are BIG! Buy a deep shelved bookcase so you can actually fit the books on it
5. Black out blinds work well to make day time napping easier – try if possible to get one you can put up and down with one hand so you don’t have to put the baby down each time you want to use it
6. Consider removable wall art – this is a great option if you want to change the room later on or are looking to sell your property and so want the room to look less ‘childish’.
7. Save money by getting creative, and use Ebay for unusual and vintage toys

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