7 things you need in your utility room

Excitingly, this year we’re planning a house renovation – meaning we’ll be rebuilding our utility room from scratch. I wanted to share the research I’ve been doing on what you need for a perfectly functioning utility space.

utility room ideas

1. Create somewhere to hang up your ironing board – save valuable floor space by storing this off the ground. This is also safer too if you have little ones running around the house!

utility room ideas

2. Make laundry easier and quicker by having separate baskets for lights, darks and whites.

utility room ideas

3. Use the entire room by maximising the whole space! Why not clear floor space by drying clothes on an elevated clothes airier – here’s a quirky and a traditional idea of how to do it.

utility room ideas

4. A touch of style – there’s no reason not to give your utility space a stylish twist with accessories or pretty wallpaper – make it a place in your home you don’t mind spending time in. We love this moody floral wallpaper. if anything, it will make you smile whilst your folding the washing.

Picture by: Stories

utility room ideas

5. Somewhere pretty to put your cleaning products – we love the idea of storing boring washing powder in a cute jar like this one.

utility room ideas

6. Hidden storage solutions – when planning your room, think about having less on show so the space doesn’t feel cramped – create space where possible for your hoover, mop bucket, iron and washing basket as a minimum.

utility room ideas

7. Display baskets for easy access storage – you’ll never regret taking the time to pick the right storage to hide away mess in a hurry – let these gorgeous, simple baskets inspire you!

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