My Pregnancy So Far

Hi everyone. I’ve just reached the 21 week mark!!

I have overcome my anxiety and nausea; told family and friends, released our news across social media. So, I thought now is a perfect time to share with you my pregnancy journey so far. You’ll have to excuse my random pajama shots- I love sending my little sister, pictured (who lives in Dubai) morning photos of the bump. #Bumpwatch as we like to call it!

Finding Out I’m Pregnant

After a glorious holiday in Hawaii, I found out I was pregnant 5 weeks in. We’d just started trying, and I wasn’t really expecting that I’d be pregnant. In fact a couple of days before skipped my period, I’d begun to have menstrual cramps. I’d come off the implant a couple of months before- my cycle hadn’t yet returned to normal, so it seemed perfectly logical that I might be a bit late. I did a pregnancy test at week 5 just to double check. Looking down, my jaw was on the floor! I was pregnant. From day 1 I felt very bloated, all probably in my head, but by week 8 I felt my pants were getting tight!

Nausea, Anxiety, and My B.F.F. Coming to Visit!

By week 8, my high-wasted skinny jeans were feeling tight. That was probably to do with the fact, that my normal paleo diet repulsed me. I couldn’t look at meat and veg. The only foods which settled my stomach were french bread, cheese and banana milk shakes, and I don’t even like bananas(!) My usual cup of Yorkshire tea in the morning made me instantly vom. During this part of my pregnancy I gained 5 lbs.

Whilst super excited, I was also feeling rather anxious during this time. I am susceptible to anxiety normally, and this life change compounded that. Work stress was playing on my mind and, I had this whole anxiety inducing thought process…. “what does this mean for my career?”

Prior to moving to the US I was a lawyer for 7 years, and my career was going well. I’d then moved to a new country, started working in the digital marketing space, and had begun building my own businesses, including a health and wellness travel start up– where I would need to travel to get the company off the ground.

Whilst these new projects were going incredibly well- there’s a lot of hard work involved and I struggled to envision how I would be able to continue at the pace I had, while growing a little human!

I was focusing on building a name for myself, growing my network in the US, and really figuring out how these businesses will grow and develop over the next 5 years.

Being pregnant in reality was going to massively impact my ability to do client development and travel between the EU and US.

Questions were running around in my crazy mind- How would everything be impacted once the baby was born?

Before I went completely insane, I was in luck, as my best pal Kylie (voice of reason and talker of sense) decided last minute to fly to San Francisco.

We had a great week talking, hiking, and being healthy, which really helped me to find direction and perspective!


Once I’d wrapped my head around being “pregnant” I had a trip to Dubai for 2 weeks planned! This was week 12-13!

My sister’s plans for partying on yachts, partaking in the famous “Dubai Brunch” had to be put on hold, for a more sophisticated experience!

We visited Zero Gravity for a pool party, the Burj Khalifa for an amazingly posh afternoon tea, in the highest building in Dubai.

Flying direct from San Francisco to Dubai was a 16 hour flight. The outgoing leg of the journey was fantastic, I managed to sleep 8 hours, and arrived feeling fresh. The return journey however was delayed an hour. I didn’t have a great seat, I was penned in the middle of the row, and needing the restroom every 30 minutes was less than ideal. All in all, it was an amazing idea to have a break and travel, while I still can! Don’t be put off long haul flights in the early stages of pregnancy.

I’m sure that will be my last solo girly trip for a little while, unless me, and the little one decide we need a bit of far flung adventure while daddy is in work! 😉

My In-Laws Visiting and a Long Weekend in Sonoma

Around 18 weeks, I had my in-laws from the UK come to visit. My husband was also started a new role at a new company, so weeks 17-18 was pretty chaotic looking back on it!

We decided, once the chaos was over, it would be nice to have a mini weekend away to relax, eat some nice food, enjoy a change of scenery and so we headed to Sonoma for a long weekend. At the time, I felt like my bump was HUGE! Looking back I laugh at myself. No-one would have guessed!

Sonoma was a strange place to be, when you weren’t on the sauce! But, we actually found there were so many wonderful things to do. On the Saturday we managed a 5 mile hike, an amazing bike ride around the town of Sonoma, and a visit to a great vineyard and winery where we did a spot of wine tasting. It was a wonderful weekend and the hubby and I returned feeling fresh and relaxed.

20 Week Scan and Growth Spurts

From 18-20 weeks, I had a serious growth spurt. I’d gone from not having much of a visible bump to the breaking out of the “looking fat zone” and actually starting to look pregnant. Check out my 21 week bump!

The 20 week scan was amazing. It was so exciting to see our baby’s feet and fingers. The anatomy scan showed everything was fine, and at the half way mark, it feels like everything is coming together.

The first half of my Pregnancy

Now I’m over half way with my pregnancy, I must say how excited I am for the next couple of months. I have a trip to the UK for 3 weeks, and a baby shower. We’ll be getting the baby’s nursery ready… Shopping for strollers! I’ve really felt like the last 20 weeks has been quite an adventure. And, I do kind of feel that mother nature is right, in giving us 9 months to get used to, and prepare for the journey of motherhood.

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