Pregnancy Essentials- The Upsie Belly from Belly Bandit

The best Back and belly support for pregnancy

Being a blogger, companies are kind enough to send us products to review. We only ever offer recommendations on products which we want to share with you- products we are sufficiently impressed with, and would purchase ourselves.

Today I wanted to share with you a product that has literally been game changing for me!

The Upsie Belly from Belly Bandit retailing at $69.99.

I am 31 weeks pregnant in this photo, and have been wearing the Upsie Belly since 28 weeks. Around 26 weeks I started to notice the strain my bump was placing on my back.

Putting it the Upsie Belly to the test

The Upsie Belly has supported me on numerous hikes in the California sunshine, she’s been there for workouts in the park; 2 long haul flights, helped me drag luggage through international airports; she’s accompanied me on a trip around the UK with site seeing in both London and York. It’s safe to say, over the last three weeks she’s been rigourously tested.

What they say!

The Upsie Belly for Back Strain

Being lucky enough to have a relatively compact bump, I have still been troubled with back strain and a heavy abdomen. I have genuinely found that the Upsie Belly has really helped with this, and has made a real measurable difference to my ability to move around, and not get exhausted with my usual day-to-day activities.

It’s enabled me to keep working out, removing the pressure from my back and abdomen. It’s also really assisted in terms of the speed in which I can do things.

Wearing the Upsie Belly, I can handle the stairs at a pretty decent speed. If I’ve got shopping bags, (I have 3 flights of stairs to my apartment) I’m not as exhausted when I get to the top, in contrast to when I’m without the Upsie Belly.

Similarly, having spend 3 weeks in the UK- I had to fly two 10.5 hour flights, and if you know me, I had two pretty big pieces of luggage with me. Wearing the Upsie Belly tremendously helped, when navigating large international airports, hauling luggage around etc.

The Upsie Belly Look and Feel

Let’s be honest, the Upsie Belly isn’t something I would wear out to dinner. The look isn’t in line with stylish fashion! You could get away with wearing it under a flowy shirt… But, looking stylish isn’t exactly the point of it! Where the Upsie Belly comes into its own, is for every day usual activities:

+ Shopping,
+ Walking,
+ Working out,
+ Running errands,
+ Travelling.

The Upsie Belly is extremely comfy, and just really takes the weight and strain off your muscles. The material is soft, and light weight. It’s super absorbent if you’re working out, wicking sweat away quickly! And, its extremely easy to clean. Just throw it in the wash.

The Upsie Belly also comes with a hot/ cold pad, which you can slot in the back of the Upsie Belly, to sooth sore muscles. How cool is that!

The Upsie Belly – The Verdict

Coming in at $69.99 the Upsie Belly is not a “cheap” product. But, they say you get what you pay for…

For the effective relief of back pain, the support that it provides my abdomen, and the difference it has made to my mobility- keeping me fast and functional at every day tasks. Enabling me to go on hikes, and work out well into my third trimester, I feel it is well worth the investment.

  • Great present for new mom!
  • Fantastic quality- multi purpose
  • Retain mobility – lessens pregnancy aches and pains

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