Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

Being pregnant is hard…

Here’s a list of our top 10 pregnancy essentials to ensure you have a comfortable pregnancy!

Body support Pillow

From the beginning of the second trimester, I stopped sleeping on my stomach. As someone, who’s favourite sleeping position was on their stomach, this body pillow was a lifesaver. The body pillow made for a reduced number of restless nights; when you wake in the morning, you feel refreshed- aches and pains are alleviated. The cost around £40 // $60 and represent great value for money!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Body Cream

I’ve been using 8 hour cream for years now; on chapped lips, peeling cuticles, sunburn, dehydrated skin and pluming fine lines. I have always been fascinated at it’s ability to heal overnight, leaving you with gorgeous glowing skin.

I used the 8 hour body moisturizer infrequently pre-pregnancy, as it isn’t cheap. However being pregnant was the perfect reason to incorporate this product properly into my routine! My body was going to be going through a lot, so needed the best care and attention.

I used this product alongside using Bio Oil, and a collagen supplement and so far so good, my skin has remained elastic with limited stretchmarks. (Although it’s getting tight @ 32 weeks!!)

This product makes your skin baby soft. It feels uber luxurious, and I would say well worth every penny. It’s around $45.00 for the 400ml mega size tub and lasts around 3 months.

Doing the math- the equivalent of $15 per month… pre-pregnancy I definitely spent more than that on wine!! 😉

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Staying relaxed, rested and stress free is important. I have loved using this product to defuse aromatherapy oils! Lavender and orange blend are great for calming and sending me to sleep. I recently struggled with a cold, and used peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil to help with my breathing. The diffuser has a light colour setting, and moves between purples, greens, pinks. Very relaxing. You can also use diffusers to help baby sleep and establish a sleeping routine from around 3+ months.

A comfy wireless bra

Your little ladies are going to go through plenty of changes throughout your pregnancy. From supersizing, to feeling tender and sore. You need a bra which is stretchy, so can accommodate growth bursts, and is made out of soft comfy material for when you’re feeling ever so sensitive- which for me is all the time.

I loved this bra from Gap as it was supportive, and had plenty of hooks on the back so very adjustable, which some of the extra soft bralettes aren’t.

Some days when suffering from chronic heartburn, I couldn’t cope with elastic around my chest. This bra has a barely there feel. It’s flattering, and works well under t-shirts. It’s $39.99 and normally you can find a 40% discount offer on Gap online.

Some great black leggings

I have a love hate relationship with black leggings. I guess because it’s incredibly hard to find a good pair. Go too cheap, and you find leggings which attract fluff and dust etc (one of my pet hates), you find they go baggy and lose their shape after just one wash, and don’t even mention the see-through “butt” issue which many women are unknowingly cursed with.

These BDA leggings from Belly Bandit are great, as they don’t attract dust, are made out of a skin hugging, tight like material, so don’t lose shape. After a decent amount of washes are as black as the day I got them. They are pretty breathable, so are good for maintaining a cool temperature.

Now I am in the “larger” stages of my pregnancy, the black BDA leggings have come into their own, pairing them with a floaty shirt or cardigan, they are the perfect comfy day-wear companion, and are fab for working out in. The cut of leggings comes to over the bump giving you a streamlined silhouette.

An amazing Maternity Store!

I wanted to share with you my love for all things Seraphine. This store has got maternity style down to a T! They also have actual stores you can visit, rather than having to shop constantly online! Hallelujah!! 🙂

I originally was a little unsure of Seraphine, as it isn’t as edgey as some of my favourite stores, like Reiss in the UK, or Club Monaco in the US. However, once the bump was big enough to cover I ordered a pair of jeans, and a couple of shirts from Seraphine and was totally bowled over!

Their fabric is by far superior to anything you can buy on ASOS. Seraphine offers really great quality…at high street prices. A favourite with Kate Middleton don’t you know!

The cut of their clothing is well thought out. Everything I have ordered online looks flattering. In contrast to ASOS maternity clothes etc, which are very hit and miss on quality and cut!

They have flagship stores in Kensington, London and Leeds amongst other places in the UK and a store on the East Coast, US.

They also ship to California free of charge, and take a couple of days to be delivered…contrast to ASOS’s 2 weeks!! We love you Seraphine!

Great Maternity Jeans in white, blue and black!

Since about 14 weeks, I have lived in maternity jeans. Dress them up, dress them down! A great pair of jeans during pregnancy is your friend! 🙂

I bought 1 over the bump pair and 3 under the bump pairs. I have to say, I have preferred wearing the under the bump jeans. I don’t know if this preference will change in the final stages of my pregnancy. They say over the bump is better for final stages of pregnancy as they fall down less. I’m yet to see it though!

I bought a pair of white jeans from ASOS, and a pair from Seraphine.

The elastic band on the ASOS pair, seemed firmer, and rendered them unwearable for a couple of months, as the elastic seemed to be pressing on my bladder. I don’t think it was a sizing issue, as in my later stages I can happily wear that pair. So something to watch out for.

I found that with the Seraphine pair, the bands are incredibly soft and stretchy, so would recommend them over and above ASOS. They have very similar price points.

a belly support band

I have absolutely loved using the Upsie Belly from Belly Bandit. I wrote a review of the product here.

As you grow, your back aches, and ligaments stretch. The Upsie Belly has provided me with much needed support, meaning that I am less achy and tired, and have more energy to go about day to day activities.

The Upsie Belly has meant that I have remained active, regularly hiking and working out into my third trimester. Strongly recommend purchasing this product!

fabulous natural skincare

Throughout my pregnancy, I have had some weird skin issues going on. In my first trimester I started using the all natural Dr Hauschka products. The products are still going strong some 7 months later! Great value- right?! I absolutely love the smell of the products. The clarifying daily oil is amazing leaving my skin glowing. it is perfect to use when suffering with pregnancy acne and has helped substantially in fading pregnancy acne scars.

Splurge on some super comfy pyjamas / loungewear!

I wish I splurged on comfy pyjamas and loungewear sooner. When you’re feeling nauseous, tender, aching- just generally experiencing some of those amazing pregnancy symptoms, there is nothing better than putting on some luxurious, soft pyjamas and snuggling up on the sofa.

Marks & Spencers Autograph range do some very fancy cashmere pj bottoms. They come in at around £164.00 so not cheap, but are divine.

If you don’t want to spend that much, Marks & Spencers have some other great options in the Autograph range coming in at around £40.00. Target in the US have some very nice PJ options. Also check out Lululemon for comfy loungewear!

Did we miss something?!

Comment below and list your top pregnancy essentials. We'd love to hear from you!

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