Top Tips to Help you Announce Your Pregnancy

How did you feel – a positive pregnancy test

Finding out the exciting news that Matt and I are expecting a baby came as a bit of a shock.

Even though, Matt and I had decided now might be a good time to start trying, just 2 months later, I was peering down at the pregnancy test, and we were in luck!

A range of feelings ran through my head when I found out the news; joy, excitement… But I must also confess, a real degree of panic!

Would I make a good mum? What did having a baby mean for life as I knew it? How would having a baby impact my career? (I’m transitioning from a UK legal career, to launching and running my own business in the US). Would it be incredibly hard as I embarked on pregnancy as an expat “mom,” with no family around? Was it unfair for me to have a baby in the US, when the grandparents, and great grandparents are UK bound?

My mind has a tendency to spiral and spin with thoughts coming from every angle. To wrap my head around such massive news, for people like me with over active minds, was genuinely very overwhelming.

What to do when you discover you are pregnant?

I first found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, so very early on.

My first questions: What now? Who do we tell? Do we need to visit the doctor?

Following a flurry of Googling, and a a call to a very trusted confident, I knew that the next 7 weeks was a waiting game.

The doctor would see me at 8 weeks, to confirm my pregnancy. Until then, carry on as normal, for the next 3 weeks the little baba growing inside me would be a secret.

Feeling ready to announce my pregnancy

I’m now 20 weeks as I write this post- in complete honesty, I’ve only, this weekend felt really read to tell the world our news.

Not that I wasn’t excited- but, I guess in hindsight, I was rather overwhelmed.

The first 12 weeks of my pregnancy included horrendous nausea, broken out-teenage skin, feeling fat, uncomfortable, bloated; my mind spinning out of control with thoughts about my career and where it’s heading, plus an added sprinkling of fluctuating hormones… no wonder it’s taken me this long wrap my head around the news, my new role as a mother, and how such a massive change fits into our world.

Reflecting from where I am today, I’d say that for the past 5 weeks, the very real bursting excitement has welled inside me, my maternal instinct has kicked in, the bond with my husband has grown and developed in ways I can’t describe. It’s fascinating really the process really, and how nature works it’s magic.

A mile stone this weekend, I thought I’d share with you, and I probably sound slightly loopy (for someone who “blogs!” in any event) is, I finally approved the hubby posting our news on Facebook!

For me this was the final step in announcing to the world, our life changing news.*


*For some reason, the thought of posting to the world, really made me feel a little icky….. People you don’t know so well, knowing such important, private details of your life… I guess that feeling, stems from feeling that I didn’t want people to know my “private business” when I hadn’t even processed it myself! Perhaps some of you can identify!!!?!

Following this weekend, I can safely say, the cat is out of the bag.

Timeline for announcing my pregnancy

Sister: 8 Weeks
Best Friend: 8 Weeks
Close Mama Friend (who had recently had a baby): 6 Weeks
Grandparents: 10 Weeks
Close Family and Friends: 12 weeks
Social Media: 20 weeks

My tips for announcing your pregnancy

  • Tell someone you really trust, perhaps someone who has been through the same experience, as soon as you know. I found it so helpful to have someone validate how I was feeling and share first trimester stories with. I felt very under pressure to be bouncing around with joy, and when you do have a complex range of emotions, it’s nice to have someone to act as confident, reassure you that you’re not going mad!
  • Be careful of excited family, who can’st help but to spill the beans! So excited with the news, an unnamed person began stock piling baby clothes and giggling with excitement…. Within a couple of days, a couple of family members knew the news. All very well and good, it’s so lovely they are so excited, but when you have mental processing to wrap your head around, just have a little think about whether a natural slip up may make you feel more anxious.
  • 12 weeks was my sweet spot. By 12 weeks, I was ready to tell close people my news. I’d started to feel less ill, you’re out of the first trimester. For myself and my husband this seemed like a natural time. If you feel ready to shout the news earlier, I say go for it. It’s a lovely feeling having people share in your joy. Perhaps limit the news to close family and friends.
  • Pregnancy Announcements. being a Brit, we don’t do things as extravagantly as in the US. There’s some great inspiration on Pinterest. A simple card or a phone call worked for us, and this way off announcing didn’t in anyway take away any of the excitement. If you have the energy, take inspiration. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to deliver that perfect announcement.
  • Know it’s natural to have mixed emotions, and know that this too shall pass. Mother nature has a very clever way of getting you ready for giving birth. You read this statement in books, or are told it by other mothers. Initially I was skeptical…. I now know mother nature is a wonderful thing.
  • Let us know how you felt when finding out your were pregnant….

    Was it a rollercoaster of emotions? Did you sing from the roof tops? Or take a more reserved approach? Comment Below!

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