Why I am glad I did NCT Classes

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Thinking of trying NCT?

For anyone thinking of trying NCT classes, and who isn’t quite sure – I thought sharing my experience here would be useful.

At the end of the first NCT class, I caught the eye of another one of the women attending as we were both chuckling about how we could find time in our working day to do pelvic floor exercises. The whole group lived in my local area and our due dates were within 5 weeks of one another’s. The first class had been informative, but about as awkward as your first sexual educational class at school. Yep. Let the ground open up.

Even though the majority of us were in our early thirties and should be “mature”, it was still giggle-inducing to have to put in order pictures of an anonymous women’s hairy cervix opening, especially in front of our partners.

NCT Classes to meet friends

As we left that first late evening session, I was really happy when one of the women volunteered to set up a what’s app group for all of us, after all, the main reason I joined was to meet other mums-to-be like me and they all looked pretty sane.

To this day (10 months on) the same what’s app group conversation is my first port of call for all the baby drama that only those women understand or, rather, care about. I can’t imagine now what my last weeks of maternity and first few months of being a new mum would have been like without them. Sure my friends with young kids are there for me and understand from experience what its like being a new mum, but there’s something really special about a group of people (which from now on I’ll call friends) going through exactly what you are at the same time be it teething, explosive bowels or first smiles.

My reflection on the top 5 reasons I’m glad I did NCT:

1. Not only have I made friends, my partner has too!

2. In addition, your baby has a set of new pals! And guess what? Given that NCT classes generally work on postcodes, they are likely to go to nursery or primary school with them, so how great is it that you could facilitate them having a familiar playmate their own age before they’ve even started nursery?

3. Sometimes you just want reassurance, even if you do have common sense or unlimited internet access. A lot of the class content is quite simply common sense – for example, don’t leave the baby unattended in a bath. Sure, everyone knows that, and everyone can google what temperature to make a baby’s bath, but there’s a feeling of “qualification” you have once you’ve one through this type of thing in a class environment which inspires self-confidence.

4. You really do get good hints and tips on products and brands.

5. For me, I found tackling different topics each week really helped my partner and I to talk about things – we both had the same tools in our ‘tool box’ after the class and could start to build our own viewpoint together on issues like how we would arrange our bedroom to incorporate the baby sleeping in our room or what items we would prioritise to buy.
In general, my partner feeling included helped me to feel less daunted.

Should I try NCT Classes?

I know from other mums that not everyone has such a positive experience. Sometimes the group dynamics don’t work for whatever reason, sometimes you might not gel with the class leader, or quite simply, maybe you’d just rather do your own learning on your own terms. However, if you have the time isn’t it worth giving it a chance? I’d say so. Here’s a link to get some more info on doing NCT classes

Beautiful mummy NCT friends from left to right: Kate – mummy to Margot, Jess – mummy to Georgia, Emilie – mummy to Charlie, Anna – mummy to Andrew, Laura C – mummy to Laurie, Laura M – mummy to Ted, Kim – mummy to Amelia, Me – mummy to Ethan.

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