A letter to my first born

So this week I’m facing the ENORMOUSLY TIME CONSUMING task of trying to print a photo book of Ethan’s first year on earth! If you’re anything like me, you need to take about 20 photos to get a good one, so I’ve a tonne to sift through.

I thought it would be a great addition to the book to write my son a letter to print within the book. So here it is….

A letter to my firstborn son

Dear Ethan,

By the time you’re reading this, who knows where you’ll be or where I’ll be. I hope where ever it is, you are above all happy and healthy. I hope that everything I tried to instil in you – confidence, optimism, wonderment, and compassion – is helping you face your journeys in life. Life isn’t easy. It’s confusing at times. But I hope that at its darkest moments you’ve known I’ve been here for you.

You see it’ll be nearly impossible for you to know how much I love you, unless perhaps you’ve made me a granny already? I couldn’t comprehend it until you came along on 2015’s Christmas Eve. I’ve stared at you for hours upon hours and marvelled every milestone from when you first smiled on my birthday to when you stood up in your own brand new shoes.

You’re only one year old, but you have made me the proudest mummy already. I love your laugh and boundless energy, though it tires me at times. I wouldn’t change a single thing about you, especially the fact that you love to have a cuddle and a kiss anytime and are such a charmer already with the ladies when we’re out and about on our adventures.

You have made me a better person – I am more patient, compassionate and more un-derstanding of what’s important in life because of you, and for that I will always be eter-nally grateful. So raise a glass to yourself and know, that you have been loved unconditionally you deserve to be loved that way always.


Your mummy

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