Nursing clothes – Don’t panic! You can still look like you!

Nursing clothes – 5 tips on what to buy

When you’ve been used to enjoying clothes and fashion and looking forward to not being the size of house after pregnancy, it can seem a little depressing after birth that in order to be able to leave the house and still be able to breastfeed your baby, you may be resigned to the sea of navy blue and white striped stretchy tops on the market – blah!

But, fear not, I searched high and low for clothes I could breastfeed in when I was feeding Ethan for the first few months.

Here are some hints and tips to help you keep up your fashionista status whilst nursing:

Nursing clothes – The Essential List

1. Get at least two good clip down nursing bras – you’ll live in these day and night, so invest in them – I found Emma Jane and M&S were my favourites – My advice – as well as black, opt for nude instead of white as you’ll be washing it alot and white discolours more quickly.

2. Buy a few ”staple” tops – I mean here specifically designed ”breast feeding” tops – ideal to provide maximum privacy when you are in environments where you’d like more privacy – such as at a busy restaurant table. Seraphine and Envie de Fraise have some great options.

3. Buy a couple of nursing specific dresses – trust me, you will want a change from bottoms and tops eventually, and nursing dresses such as these can be dressed up or down easily, they are comfy to feed in and dont require ironing! ASOS have a fab range

4. You can wear ordinary, loose tops which lift up easily – just pop a proper nursing vest like these H&M soft organic cotton jersey ones underneath.

5. Loose fitting shirts are actually very easy to feed in – just button to the top, and then undo the middle buttons when its feeding time – put your nursing vest underneath of course! This means you can still shop in your usual favourite shops…and of course wear the shirsts post breast feeding – so its win, win!

My favourite finds were at Topshop, and I tend to opt for patterns rather than plain as they show up sick stains less easily! The one I’m wearing in this shot is from French Connection.

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