Top Tips for Creating DIY Birth Announcements

After trawling online for some unique thank you cards for my baby shower gifts, I was inspired to photograph and print my own.

Creating Your Own DIY Birth Announcement

I wanted to create a little keepsake for friends and family and this style worked perfectly for both a baby shower thank you and birth announcements.

How to make
DIY Birth Announcements-
Step by Step!

• I laid out a neutral colour celluar blanket from the White Company
• I spelled out Ethan’s name and date of birth with these gorgeous, wooden Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks – I’m looking forward to Ethan playing with these when he’s older but for now they look great in his nursery.
• I found an old ruler and weights and wrote his birth length and weight with a caligraphy pen on the back of some gift tags. I then added coloured ribbon to connect them using colours which complimented those in the wooden blocks and a small crochet snowflake to give a nod to the winter season.
• I then used a vintage clock to show his time of birth.
• We dressed Ethan in a simple white muslin and an adorable bear hat from Next. Taking the shot wasn’t easy with a new born baby – we probably took around 200 shots to get this one.

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5 hints and tips to create your own personalized birth announcement and thank you cards

• Choose a textured background in a block colour so that the detail you add on top can be read easily. You could even shoot against your favourite bed linen.
• Keep a palate of colours in mind so the image works as a whole, including what your baby might be wearing in the shot. Consider using a seasonal palate, such as pastel colours in Spring, Neons for Summer, browns and oranges for Autumn, and rich reds and deep blues for Winter.
• Consider adding seasonal details to compliment the time of year too – such as Spring daffodils or tulips, Summer sea shells, Autumnal leaves and branches, or Winter holly.
• Ensure any details you are including can be read easily – think about what the shot will look like when it is scaled down to the size you will print it.You could also follow a theme inspired by a favourite toy for example – a woodland or safari theme compliemented by a cute fox or giraffe.
• Balance the components – your little one should take centre stage in the shot, following in priority order by their name – for this you could try using scrabble letters, wooden letter blocks, writing with a chalk onto a small chalkboard, or you could even cut out paper letters and hang them with small pegs from a piece of twine. Highlighting their first initial as a large letter also adds a cute detail.

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