We work directly with brands, and are experienced at delivering projects for large PR agencies. We produce quality content, which extends includes everything from social media campaigns, writing, photography, email and list building campaigns. Our background in marketing means we are your perfect partners!
We offer a range of different services and ways in which you can partner with us to reach our audience.

Our Digital Marketing & PR Services

Running competitions and giveaways is a great way to build your email list, and promote your brand.

We host monthly giveaways that regularly attract over 500 entries. Giveaway sponsors must be willing to ship prizes directly to giveaway winners. We run contests with several different entry options to help promote your company.

We only write reviews about products and services that our audience would find valuable; so with any review request please submit, why our audience might be interested in your brand.

We will only accept a review request where we are free to give an honest opinion about your product or service and your product or service aligns with our brand and whether your product relates to the UK or US audience.

You must provide us with a sample of the product, and reviews will be provided within 2 weeks of receipt.

We love to work with brands which are a natural fit with the style of The Lifestyle is Calling. As Brand Ambassadors we forge an ongoing relationship with your brand, and create content regarding your products for sharing on your website, and with our audiences. Our Brand Ambassador packages are hand tailored to meet your requirements.
We can create stories both for our audience, and also written in the voice of your brand.

What’s more, because of our established relationships, we intimately know the online communities in which you want to share your story. We’re not a big PR agency, trying to make noise in an unfamiliar space; we are fully paid up members of the community, with connections forged through genuine friendships. Meaning we can really create a buzz about your brand by engaging with influencers within our niche audience.

We work with clients in a number of different ways; developing strategy and implementing email list building campaigns.

At the Lifestyle is Calling we can draw on our highly targeted audience to promote to list building campaigns.

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“We love partnering with like-minded brands, who want to reach our diverse, stylish, health focused moma audiences.
We only work with brands who align with our values, to maintain integrity always, but also to ensure our partners reach the right audience for their brand.”Charlotte Smith - Founder
“Our many years experience working in large marketing departments- for a range of different lifestyle brands, means we understand your PR goals and are bursting full of practical, and creative ideas for campaigns. We can work with your department, or run PR campaigns independently, leaving you to do what you do best- deliver your product.”Jenna Hodgson Silke - Co-Founder

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