4 ways to update your weekend wardrobe

Need some inspiration to update your weekend wardrobe? A little bit bored of your black skinny jeans? Here’s a round-up of how to easily update your weekend wardrobe with some new casual and comfy edits that won’t break the bank and (yes, we really mean this) are comfy AND stylish at the same time!

Updating your wardrobe for the weekend

Update your denim

For weekend style there’s no better staple than a good fitting pair of jeans. The best styles to go for right now are pairs with distressed edging, particularly around the ankle – where the denim essentially looks ripped and uneven. This weekend, we bought these styles from Zara and River Island. Both are high waisted and stretchy, which means you can comfortably move around and sit down without worrying about having your underwear on show.

Embroider your torso

We talked about embroidery in our recent post, 5 ways to update your wardrobe for Spring. These tops from Urban Outfitters and Zara are the perfect way to nail the embroidery trend-aren’t they just oh, so pretty?

Embroidery Top, Zara £29.99

Get your feet cool

I find it so hard to get comfy shoes – finally this weekend I discovered these beauties by Toms. These effortlessly chic slip-ons are insanely comfy and this cool grey colour will go with pretty much any outfit.

Grey Toms, £40

It turns out Toms donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair of shoes they sell, so how can you not feel good about that? Not only this, but they also have a Mummy and me section on their website if you fancy getting matching shoes for your little guy or little lady #twinning!

Treat yourself to clothes to chill in

I don’t know about you, but when I’m chilling at home on the weekend, I want to be as comfy as possible, but being in my pyjamas at 3pm doesn’t always feel that good for the self-esteem. So this final recommendation is all about that.
I discovered this “down time” range by Next this week and love what they’ve done with it – soft materials in simple fuss free designs which are perfect for curling up on the sofa. I chose the Chambray super soft joggers and top. Check this link for more styles to snuggle up in by Next.

Chambray supersoft joggers £20 and top £22 by Next

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