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Thirty Signs You Know You’re Thirty

So here’s the truth- we were scared about turning 30…

But it didn’t take long to realise that our thirties are waaaaaaay cooler than the previous decade!

Here are 30 things we do and don’t do, that let us know we’re not in our twenties anymore….

1. Don’t always pick the house wine in a restaurant
2. Spend more money and substantially more time in supermarkets
3. Avoid toxic people
4. Enjoy cheese and wine nights
5. Take more notice of the seasons changing
6. Have more sympathy for young people working in shops/bars/restaurants
7. Know its OK to leave a night out at 10.30pm – and still feel like we’ve had a good time
8. Make an effort with our neighbours
9. Pay for baggage on a flight – because decanting your cosmetics into teeny tiny bottles is just SO annoying and not worth it
10. Get really, really happy when we get a swanky new cordless hoover – and aren’t one bit shameful of the fact
11. Listen more. We listen to what people are saying, how they say it, their tone of voice, and their intonation – now, we understand what they’re really saying
12. Have more consideration and respect for the older generation
13. Want the community we live in to be the best it can be and actually do things to help that happen
14. Do brunch
15. Genuinely care less about what people think of us and how much we weigh because there are more important things to worry about
16. Buy “Christmas” tea towels
17. Complain about bad customer service
18. See through discreet marketing plugs
19. Struggle to go out drinking two nights in a row
Ok we’ll be honest.
We don’t go out drinking two nights in a row
20. Write thank you cards when people do something nice. We might forget to actually send them, but that’s OK
21. Don’t say yes to every social event when we know we need to spend some quality time with partners/family
22. Don’t feel (as) threatened by loud, older men in the work place, and pity chauvinistic jokers rather than feeling threatened by them
23. Know who our real friends are and who to trust
24. Don’t accept every friend request on Facebook
25. Don’t put fake tan on in a carpeted room
26. Try to dry our washing outside
27. Know our strengths and weaknesses – we have life goals
28. Appreciate fabric napkins, nice champagne glasses, china mugs, and solid wood furniture
29. Take our make up off before bed and have better skin as a result
30. Like social venues where there’s somewhere clean to put our handbag down and we don’t have to queue for half an hour to be served or go to the toilet. We like them even more if the doorman asks for ID when trying to get in


Let us know what reminds you
you’re in your thirties!

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