Baby’s First Halloween

What to do on a rainy weekend in October

On a rainy weekend in October we decided to carve some pumpkins, I wanted to make something special as it is little Ethan’s first Halloween! We dressed him up and sat him on the counter with us whilst we came up with the designs and he loved it! We were pretty pleased with the result and we’ve had lots of “oooos” and “ahhhs” from visitors to the house – this is such a personal and cute way to mark the occasion.

Baby’s hand and footprint pumpkin

Every night we light this pumpkin and it fills me with a little joy looking at his hand and footprints whilst I know he’s all snug and tucked up in bed. The hubby and I did the carving together with my mum and sister – it was such a lovely activity to do together as a family.

Here’s how we did it:

1. We carved out the lid and then scooped out the insides of the pumpkin. (I used the fleshy part to make a super yummy pumpkin recipe).
2. We rubbed Ethan’s hand and foot with a little oil and then did a “print” with them on some cardboard.
3. We pencilled around the prints to make them easier to see and then we cut them out. You only need one hand and one foot, as you can then turn this over to get the left and right.
4. We held the cardboard onto the nicest side of the pumpkin and used it as a stencil to draw around.
5. We then carved it out with a small blade – I would recommend buying a properly designed blade for pumpkin carving (they are very inexpensive) as it would be difficult to get the intricate detail without it.

What about you?!

Let us know how you celebrated Halloween with your family and any cool ideas for making Halloween memories.

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