Things to do in Leeds: Stockeld Park

Stockeld Park: Our family day out

Little Ethan dressed as Frankenstein for our Halloween trip to Stockeld Park!

Nestled in the rolling Yorkshire country side, between Harrogate and Leeds, lies the made-for-families – Stockeld Park. If you’re looking for an ‘outdoor’ day out to get your little ones’ imagination running wild, this is the place. The park’s truly beautiful woodland sets the stage for its unique seasonal adventure land of play and imagination.

From entering – through the well-attended car park – we were keen to get moving along the enchanted forest trail. Ethan, our son of nearly two years, was so excited to receive his entry stamp upon his hand!

But that’s not where the fun ended (thankfully) – the park switches up what’s on offer depending on the time of year. At the moment, on the cusp of November, there is a Halloween theme and an ice rink. We focused our trip on the enchanted forest as this was most suitable activity for Ethan.

Along the trail we were met by witches, wolves, lions, deer and a whole list of fascinating animals and mystical creatures. The various “stations” along the trail were occupied by staff dressed as witches who interacted with the little ones. Between these were quite a few activity stations with climbing ropes, slides and swings, as well as a lake with fountains (and mermaids and crocodiles of course). I’d say the “activity” areas are really targeted at children aged 5+ rather than toddlers on the whole, but we still found PLENTY to occupy Ethan – the giant wellington boot, the cup and saucer slide, fairy garden and super-sized xylophones being just a few.

At the exit, there’s a cute woodland café where the tables are intersected by pretty lit-up trees, and of course – the obligatory gift shop. We had such a lovely day out at this place – and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a family day out – we’ll be adding it out our list of things to do near Leeds.

For more detail on Stockeld Park and ticket pricing, check out their web page here.

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