6 inspirational quotes to set your head straight

I love how a few positive words can change my mood. So, when you need to set your head straight – here are 6 inspirational quotes and why I love them.

1. How to be successful: focus on your own shit

It can be really hard in the times we live in to not compare ourselves to others at home and at work. Have they got a better house/car/salary/handbag than me? The truth is, though it’s not easy, if we spent all the energy we waste focusing on others and just focussed on ourselves, think of all that additional energy we’d have to improve our own happiness?

2. Find joy in the ordinary

This sounds obvious, but how often do we step back and really do this? Sitting and having a cup of tea and toast with a friend on a rainy day, watching a movie in your pyjamas or lying warm in bed chatting to your partner. We don’t always have to be at the next hipster place in the city, or planning a faraway get away; enjoying and appreciating ordinary life – and our health for that matter – is really important.

3. Once you learn to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you anything less

My friend once told me that I was “a little cut-throat” when it came to friendships. At the time I didn’t believe her. A few years later I told another friend that he didn’t tolerate fools lightly. He responded hastily that I was exactly the same.
I didn’t realise it until that point but actually over my adult years I’ve become better at giving more of me, my love and my attention to kind people that deserve it, rather than people that drain me – and I’m better off for it. Sometimes I do need reminding though, so this is a good one.

4. Life is short, buy the shoes

Quite simply, I think if you truly love something, you should work, save, and get it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on trend, it only matters that it makes you feel great. Treating yourself to some luxuries and recognising that you deserve to be treated well is important for everyone’s self-esteem.

5. Do good

Another simple one here – but this is basically the mantra that my mother raised me with (to be exact, that was ‘do unto others as you would do unto yourself’, but essentially it’s the same thing). Hold doors open for people, say thank you, buy a good friend flowers, be polite, be honest – without being hurtful, and try your best to do some selfless deeds when you can – it will mean a heck of a lot to someone. If you can do good every day, you can sleep peacefully at night without regret whirring around your mind.

6. Its ok not to be ok

My lovely friend Sophie wrote a touching post about this recently. It’s true that most of the time we all put on a brave face. When someone says “how are you?” we generally reply with a spritely “I’m fine thanks – and you?” even when were not – deep down we might be stressed, exhausted, hormonal, drained and upset.
It’s important to remember that it really is ok to not be smiley, happy and optimistic ALL the time. Its fine to feel sad sometimes – my advice is just to learn to recognise and indulge in “I feel sad” and give myself a break – run a bath, eat some chocolate, have some wine, watch rubbish TV.
Once I’m done, I then aspire to pick myself up… with more inspirational quotes of course!

What are your favourite
inspirational quotes?

We'd love to hear whatever inspirational words help set your head straight...

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