Things to do in London with a baby

Visiting London with a 10 month Old

Pre-baby, my trips to London consisted of casually getting on the train with a bottle of wine to relax and enjoy on-route, jumping on and off the tube to meet various friends for cocktails across the city, staying up late to take in the city’s night life.

Needless to say, our trip as a hubby and wife duo with our little 10 month old Ethan did not look like this last week.

I did quite a lot of research before our trip to maximise our two days in the capital and for everyone to enjoy themselves, so wanted to share here my suggestions for things to do with a baby in London, a few pictures of our trip in action and some top tips for taking on the capital with style!

London itinerary with a baby – 5 Ideas

Things to do with a baby in London – idea one
Visit the Southbank centre – its right on the Thames so you can get a lovely view of the river and the London eye from outside. There are also a tonne of baby friendly restaurants and cafes there. Check out their website for what’s on – in November they ran a free puppet show for little ones.

Things to do with a baby in London – idea two
Take a walk from the Thames, up to 10 Downing Street, through St James’s Park to arrive at Buckingham Palace. Enjoy the stillness of the park away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is also a baby friendly restaurant in the centre of the park called Inn the Park – we enjoyed a much needed pit stop here and a yummy chicken and avocado sandwich! The staff were very friendly and it was lovely to sit and enjoy the views of the park.

Things to do with a baby in London – idea three
Watch fish, sharks and penguins at The Sea Life Aquarium. Ethan was mesmerised by our hour long walk around this place.

Things to do with a baby in London – idea four
Spend a day at the London Zoo. Okay, so we underestimated this place – we only factored in a couple of hours to see it but that wasn’t long enough! You could almost spend the day here as there is so much to see. They also have an aquarium here, so if you don’t have time to fit in Sea Life Aquarium, don’t worry, you’ll still get your fish fill. Check the weather beforehand though as most of it is outdoors.

Things to do with a baby in London – idea five
Take the bus – we travelled about the city on public busses – there is so much more to see this way vs. taking the underground and it avoids little ones having to breathe in the renowned stale air of the tube too!

Top tips for travelling with a baby in London

• If possible, take your little one in a sling instead of a pram. We’ve visited London twice now with the sling and both times have been so glad we didn’t have to mess about with a pram. It’s always busy in London, no matter what time of year, and if you do need to take a tube or a train, lift access isn’t always easy.

• Plan your route including naps and food stops– don’t get stuck somewhere you don’t want to be with bad coffee and cardboard sandwiches because you didn’t do this.

• Check the weather. This might sound simple, but we forgot to do this and ended up drenched and buying an overpriced umbrella – don’t make the same mistake!

• Check online for attraction offers – most London attractions have offers to get better rates on entry fees – such as 2 for 1 with proof of a rail ticket. Just give it a quick check online before paying full price at the door.

• Know you want to go in advance and by train? Book as early as you can to get cheaper first class rates if possible – the extra space with a little one really helps not only so you can move around, but for all the extra stuff you’re likely to have with you.

London trip with baby Ethan – Favourite pictures!

Have you got a great ideas for things to do in london with a baby?

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