15 Self-care tips for new mamas

What’s Self-care anyway?

The phrase “self-care” has resurged recently. We wanted to share here our thoughts on it, specifically as new mamas.

Self-care Definition

Self-care means different things to different people, but we love this definition by wholeheartedlyhealthy:

Sounds pretty good, right?

There are so many ways of putting this into action, but it’s important to remember to find equilibrium between physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional dimensions of self-care. For example, you might practice great self-care by exercising and eating healthily, but at the same time if you’re overcommitting yourself at work and not getting enough sleep, you won’t be able to achieve that all important “balance”.

The different ‘dimensions’ of self-care

To further get to grips with this, here are some examples of the different dimensions of self-care (which also, handily, are a kick-start list of actions you may want to pull on to develop your own self-care practises)

• Going for a run or doing an exercise class
• Cuddling your partner
• Getting a manicure
• Cooking a nutritious meal

• Reading your favourite uplifting blog
• Listening to a TED Talks podcast
• Watching a documentary on a topic you want to learn more about

• Organising a weekend away with friends
• Calling a family member for a good chat
• People watching in a coffee shop
• Hosting a dinner party

• Being mindful
• Practising yoga or meditation
• Going to a religious service

• Reading positive affirmations – like these
• Addressing a topic you’ve been avoiding with a family member or partner
• Spending time with a good friend
• Understanding and putting into action things that specifically boost your self-esteem – this could be as simple as getting a new haircut

How we practise self-care

Feeling inspired yet? As you know, we love to share ways in which we try to enrich our lives as new mummies. Here are 15 things from our self-care list:

1. Buy flowers for the house from time to time
2. People watch in a café drinking your favourtie herbal tea
3. Read a favourite poem – ours is Desiderata
4. Burn aromatherapy candles
5. Be present with those we love – turning off computers and phones when possible, to give them our undivided attention
6. Do a DIY pedicure
7. Reschedule plans when feeling strung out
8. Get our teeth cleaned by a dentist
9. Take every opportunity to get more SLEEP!
10. Plan a fun date night/meal with friends/weekend away
11. Fuel our body with nutritious foods
12. When we have a drink, we make a toast to something we’re grateful for
13. Try a new form of high intensity fitness
14. Do a mini wardrobe clear-out and give some clothes to charity
15. Dance in the kitchen to our favourite music for no particular reason

Putting Self-Care into Practise yourself

It can be difficult as a new mama to make time for your own self-care as you are so busy looking after others, but remember happy mama = happy child.

We hope this post has helped you to become more conscious of self-care as a concept, seeing the benefits, and putting your own self-care regime into place!

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