7 confessions of a working mother

I laughed out loud slightly today when I read my post from a few months ago entitled Reflections on motherhood, one year in. It was so dreamy and romantic.

For me, motherhood has changed since going back to work, and now I’m, let’s say, considerably less starry-eyed. Long days of walks in the park and lunch-dates are no more.

I now work 4 days a week and have Ethan in nursery on those days. My working week consists of getting up and somehow getting clean, dressed and driving to the nursery for when they open at 8am. I don’t really know what happens in the three hours between the 5am and this point.

I then work, and at 5pm get in the car to race back to nursery in the rush hour. The evening consists of cooking dinner, eating, bath & bed.

My working mother confessions

1. Whilst social media suggests I’m running half marathons, cooking fancy dinners and planning my next weekend city break on work nights, I’m actually sat on the sofa in my pyjamas cradling a cup of tea and a Kit-Kat amidst an unused gym bag laid in the corner of the hall, which sits on top of a pile of washing, which sits on a pile of dust, telling myself I should go to bed but actually watching crap TV and answering emails.

2. I consider it a very successful working day if I’ve managed to pay a check in at the bank, post a letter and fill the car with fuel around working hours.

3. I have reached a new level of tiredness where I am too tired to talk about being tired. It is now just a perpetual state.

4. I get annoyed when neighbours/friends/colleagues talk about “good” it is that my husband is so “hands-on” with our son. Erm? He is his son too so it’s sort of an expectation, no?

5. The shampoo my hair mostly sees in the working week is Batiste.

6. Sometimes I feel happy having a pee at work because I don’t have to force it out like a high powered hose pipe in fear that my toddler is in the other room electrocuting himself/ touching my straighteners/swallowing an earring.

7. I mentally compare myself to the Duracell bunny at least once a day and consider how much time I have before my battery will die and I will need another espresso.

What are your confessions?

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