The 8 Commandments of Mother’s day

So here are our 8 commandments of Mother’s day – for anyone that may need reminding!

1. Thou shalt be gifted a lie in – to wake up on one’s own accord

2. Thou shalt be taken out for a long lunch to avoid having any cleaning up to do

3. Thou shalt not have to clean any dirty nappies

4. Thou shalt have full decision making power over the TV remote

5. Thou shalt be allowed to relax

6. Thou shalt be reminded hourly what a wonderful mother one is

7. Thou shalt be rid of mother-guilt for one day

8. Thou shalt be allowed a fully silent shower and a fully seated meal

Image: Textualtees

What are your mother's day commandnemnts?

We'd love to hear them!

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